September 2012 Update

New Homepage (September 2012)Last Monday (September 10th, 2012) the Schenker Documents Online website underwent a major update. Most visibly, we have completely redesigned the website's homepage, so that it now gives examples of the types of documents that are the focus of this project, brief explanations of who Schenker was and the extent of his archival legacy, and links to announcements and blog posts. Another major change is the addition of newly originated musical examples (see OJ 5/7a, [28] for a nice example) and scans of the portraits that Felix-Eberhard von Cube occasionally drew in his letters (see OJ 9/34, [16]). We have also added several options for downloading documents (available from the browse pages and document pages), and have improved the style sheet used for printing. Dozens of smaller document browsing and document display refinements have also been made. Last but not least, plenty of newly transcribed and translated documents have been uploaded.

Let us know what you think!

schenkercorrespondence [at] mus (dot) cam (dot) ac (dot) uk

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