Recent activity on SDO — November 2011 update

Available on the new site

Since the relaunch of Schenker Documents Online in May, nearly 600 items of correspondence are now accessible. These include three entire sets of correspondence: between Schenker and Felix-Eberhard von Cube (previously available at the Columbia site), Felix Salzer (only partly available at Columbia), and Arnold Schoenberg (wholly new).

Plugging the gap, 1918-1924

We have also mounted seven years’ worth of correspondence between Schenker and two people with whom he had an intimate alliance in the years following the First World War: his close friend Moriz Violin, and his pupil Hans Weisse. We have taken the correspondence with the critic Walter Dahms to the end of 1922, that with the publishing house Universal Edition to the end of 1920.  Together these offer a rich treasure-house of information about Schenker and his circle in the years of Tonwille and the emerging concept of Urlinie.

Additionally, two major sets of correspondence present on the old site are now partially present on this site in revised versions: Anthony van Hoboken (1924-28) and Oswald Jonas (1918-30). The remainder of these sequences will be provided in the near future.

Profiles and Other Documents

Many new profiles are now accessible (including those for Schenker's Seminar 1931-34 and its four members). We have also created a category of “family profiles” since Schenker often wrote or referred to several members of the same family (e.g. the Violins, the Türtschers in Galtür), and of course the families of his closest relatives.

In addition, we have added some splendid photographs to some profiles, including those of Heinrich and Jeanette Schenker, Jonas, Violin, Weisse, also Atelier d'Ora, Galtür, and Keilgasse.

Several new items have been posted to the Other Documents section, including Furtwängler's address to the 1933 Brahms centennial celebration, and unpublished articles by some of Schenker's pupils.

Browsing of diaries is now greatly enhanced using a calendar-based system that offers easier access to individual entries.


The Diaries for all of 1926 and most of 1927 have been transcribed and translated, and these two years should be up on the site within a few months.

Further progress has been made on Schenker’s voluminous  correspondence with Violin: the late 1920s will appear in the new year, to be followed by the 1930s (including letters to and from Schenker’s widow).

New discoveries

A large body of correspondence between Schoenberg and Violin has come to light, and we will be editing all of this in the coming months.

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