SDO just passed its tenth anniversary! The first letter went up on June 12, 2004.

It was coded in a blogging software called MovableType on a site set up for the project by Maurice Matiz of Columbia University in New York. Over the next five years some 1,200 documents were encoded on the site.

It was on that platform that the familiar parallel German-English format was devised, the clever “sender~recipient” tagging system created, and the internal dictionary of profiles established. — For those years the project was a cottage industry: a small group of contributors led by Ian Bent and William Drabkin, working with no external funds. In 2007 it gained its first small grant: a Music & Letters Research Grant, enabling the purchase of scans, microfilms, and photocopies.

In July 2007, the Leverhulme Trust awarded three years of funding to King’s College London to develop a purpose-built XML environment. The resultant site went public in October 2009 with the new name, Schenker Documents Online, at which point encoding on the Columbia site ceased.

In October 2007 Martin Eybl of the Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Vienna obtained a grant from the Austrian government (FWF) to provide editions of Schenker’s diaries from 1918 to 1925.

In 2010 King’s College and the University of Southampton jointly secured a grant from the UK Arts & Humanities Research Council for the purpose of integrating Schenker’s diaries with his correspondence and lessonbooks. This included the diaries 1925‒30. In 2014 three years’ further funding from the Austrian government is now making possible the completion of the diaries to 1935 and a start on those of the 1910s. At the same time, work has begun on porting the material from the old site to the new site, which will result in the decommissioning of the old site within the next two years.

Over the past ten years, a loyal band of about twenty contributors has continued to provide high-quality critical editions of correspondence with such men as Walter Dahms, August Halm, Anthony van Hoboken, Oswald Jonas, Moriz Violin, and Hans Weisse, and firms such as Universal Edition, J. G. Cotta, and Drei Masken Verlag. All this they have done without financial reward, for the good of the project! Thank you to them!

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