SMT Citation of Special Merit

We are delighted to announce that the Society for Music Theory has awarded "Schenker Documents Online:  Phase Two" a Citation of Special Merit (awarded to "editions, translations, reference works, edited volumes, and other types of publications that are of extraordinary value to the discipline").  At the Society's 2013 annual meeting, Richard Ashley, Chair of the Society for Music Theory Publication Awards Committee, read the following citation:

"Rare is the time when the work of a music theorist enjoys the kind of scholarly attention to life and works typically accorded major figures in intellectual history. In Heinrich Schenker we have a figure of that stature. However, the vast unpublished documentary record of Schenker's life as a theorist, critic, performer, teacher, and editor has remained largely invisible to the wider world. A major international team has undertaken the complex tasks of organizing Schenker's correspondence and other key records and coordinating a team of scholars to transcribe and translate these documents.  This project, now in its third phase, has begun to yield a fuller, more nuanced picture of Schenker and his work, and its influence on Schenker studies cannot be overestimated.

The Society of Music Theory awards a Citation of Special Merit to Ian Bent, William Drabkin, and their teams of contributing scholars, for Phase 2 of Schenker Documents Online."

Ian Bent and William Drabkin would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the online edition.

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