Schenker’s diaries 1931–1935 : new!

Schenker's diaries from January 1931 to January 1935 (the month in which he died) are in process of being edited and posted to the website. They should all be on the site, transcribed by Marko Deisinger and translated by William Drabkin, by January 2016. William Drabkin writes:

These years show, above all, a marked decline in Schenker’s health – he found it necessary to consult a doctor frequently – and he tried to reduce his workload in order to concentrate as much as possible on Free Composition, the writing and proofreading of which is sometimes recorded in meticulous detail. He had laid The Art of Performance aside in December 1930, but was still kept busy revising his edition of the Beethoven sonatas, preparing the text for Brahms’s manuscript study of consecutive fifths and octaves, working with students and engravers on the Five Analyses in Sketchform, and writing short polemical essays for Hermann Rinn's Der Kunstwart (later renamed Deutsche Zeitschrift).

We also witness the fluctuating relationship with his pupil and principal benefactor, Anthony van Hoboken; his continued collaboration with Otto Erich Deutsch; and the moments of elation bestowed upon him by the activity of a younger generation, including Hans Weisse, Oswald Jonas, Felix Salzer, and Israel Citkowitz.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, one observes an increase in expressions of spirituality, as Schenker faces each new year "mit Gott", reads from the Old Testament while on holiday, and conceives Free Composition as a religious offering. [William Drabkin]

Note: Work on these diaries, under the project leadership of Martin Eybl, is being carried out with a grant from the Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschafltich Forschung (FWF) of the Austrian government. Upon completion of this phase, the project will proceed to the diaries of 1912–1914.

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