November 10 ‒ Wedding

Monday November 10, 1919 saw the marriage of Heinrich and Jeanette Schenker ‒ but not without obstacles!

Jeanette's first husband having obstinately refused to grant her a separation, it took all her persistence and Schenker's legal training to fight the case year after year. Only in 1919, with a change in the law, did marriage finally become possible. On November 9 a coach was ordered, and the rings were purchased. On the 10th, the coach failed to turn up, so the couple had to run the length of the Rennweg and get a streetcar round the Ringstrasse to the Rathaus, arriving 20 minutes late in a sweat.

With the witnesses all present, an official declared that one essential document ‒ a "widow's dispensation" (Wittwen-Dispens) ‒ was missing! To overcome this, Jeanette had to go into an adjacent office and submit to examination by the city physician, who did everything to deter her. In the end, she prevailed, and, in the words of Schenker's diary: "The ceremony itself lasts only a few minutes and goes off without a trace of solemnity." The family lunch afterwards was a poor occasion, with only one glass of beer and no wine permitted by Schenker's millionaire brother Moriz, then afternoon tea with friends, and one moment of luxury: a Havana cigar for Schenker. — No honeymoon for the couple. Back to business later in the day, and lessons resumed next morning.

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