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The proceedings of the Schenker Documents panel, which was convened at the last Mannes Schenker Symposium (New York, March 2013), have now been published as Volume 34, No. 2 of the journal Music Analysis.

They include analytical studies of Schubert’s “Der Doppelgänger” (David Bretherton) and Bach’s French Suite in E major (Ian Bent), together with essays on Schenker’s involvement in the Photogram Archive in the Austrian National Library (Marko Deisinger), his unpublished writings on music criticism (Georg Burgstaller), his critique of the first decade of radio broadcasting in Vienna (Kirstie Hewlett), and his activities as a pianist and piano teacher (Hedi Siegel).

A further contribution, not presented at the conference, is a study of Schenker’s Jewishness as reflected in his commentaries on the literature by or about Jews that he read or saw in the theater (Andrea Reiter).

The proceedings are introduced by William Drabkin, the Editor of the journal (who chaired the 2013 panel). Burgstaller and Hewlett received their Ph.D. degrees from the University of Southampton in 2015.

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