A Half-Jewish question

Schenker's younger brother, Moriz, was a senior official in the Österreichische Länderbank. He was Jewish, his wife Lisl Aryan; their two children, Helga and Georg, were technically half-Jewish.

Georg was a cellist in the Wiener Symphoniker, and continued to play until it was disbanded in September 1944. Helga was a graphic artist who shared a studio with Antoinette Langer on the Singerstrasse in Vienna I; she maintained the studio and also her apartment in Vienna III throughout World War II. While their father had committed suicide in 1936, they both lived on in Vienna until their deaths.

How could two half-Jews survive in this way? Many of the seats in the Wiener Symphoniker after 1938 were taken by party members. How did Georg hold on to his? And how was it that Helga's studio was not either closed or aryanised? ‒Were they both not obviously Jewish looking? ‒ Were her mother and the man with whom she associated after Moriz's suicide able to protect them? ‒ Was Helga's business partner able to protect her?

(Thanks to Elizabeth Brinsden, Harold Marcuse, Lee Rothfarb)

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